I’m a great believer that the person behind the camera is the key to amazing photographs, having said that – I’m also a bit of an equipment geek, and if you ever want to call to talk about kit, I’ll happily chat for hours!

I use the very best Canon cameras, lenses and accessories as well as using some of the latest greatest drones and steadicam equipment for our ultra-high-definition video cameras.

I have multiple backups of cameras, batteries, lenses, memory cards, flashes, accessories and more.  This is one of several stark differences between a friend or family member who has the odd good shot with their expensive camera to what a pro uses day in, day out.   My kit helps me in my quest to capture an incredible set of moments for you.  Having all the backups and insurance also means that if something breaks down, gets dropped or broken, the images of your day don’t suffer one little bit.

I have public liability insurance and would be happy to provide certificates to prove such if any venue requires it.