I put my heart and soul into what I do and I thank my lucky stars every day that I am fortunate enough to truly love what I do. 

I’m also incredibly fortunate to have a hard-working, dedicated team that feels just as passionately about great service and beautiful imagery as I do.

I will do my utmost at all times to make sure that you are absolutely happy with every step of the process.  A wedding is not just one day, it’s an experience, and it’s a journey – its planning and getting excited and savouring the precious moments in the build-up to that all important date in your calendar and that moment in your life where your commitment and love is shown in front of all those that you care about.  It’s the preparation, it’s the ceremony, the food, the drinks, the details, the people, and the celebration and those unexpected moments that provide a unique character to day as unique as you are.

And then it’s a lifetime.  A lifetime with images and memories from that special day.  Let’s make those images amazing.

The passion and commitment that I have, which I give to every wedding couple, is just part of the way I can say thank you for entrusting me with the responsibility of being your wedding photographer.

Couples often don’t realise just how much of their wedding day is likely to be spent with a relative stranger – their photographer.  If you decide to choose me as your wedding photographer in UK or abroad, I want you to know that I’ll be working hard in the background, being as unobtrusive as possible, whilst capturing all the wonderful moments of your most special day discreetly and with a huge smile on my face. When the time comes for a little more interaction, those big group shots and planned family moments – we’re going to have fun – and lots of it!

If you want to read more about me personally, or the work I’ve done from my wedding photography bases in Devon or the shoots overseas, have a read of the ‘Me’ section of my website by clicking here, or get in touch:  andy@AndyMacPhotography.com.

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